APPLICATION for Member University Students

(1) Application: Students who would like to participate in the program should download the application form here.
Fill it in and send it to Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS committee by e-mail:
ayseas[at] (Change [at] to @)
Deadline: May 21, 2018, 24:00 Japan Standard Time
*Email subject line must be: Application for AYSEAS2018_(Your name)
(2) Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS Administration Office will forward the application forms to the students' home universities for selection.
(3) The member universities nominate the successful applicants with priority order and send the results to Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS Administration Office.
(4) After receiving nomination from member universities, Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS Administration Office will send the notice of acceptance to each successful candidate asking his/her intention to attend the program.
(5) The successful candidates should reply to Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS Administration Office within 1 week from the date of the notice of acceptance.


(1) Applicants should have proper ability to communicate in written and spoken English.
(2) Students need to participate in all program activities held in Hanoi, Vietnam. Therefore, students must be able to travel to Hanoi.
The certificate will be awarded at the Final Presentation Session.
The schedule will be upcated later.


Participating students are responsible for the cost of their:
1) Airfare (Your home → Hanoi → Your home)
2) Accommodation (including breakfast) and fieldtrip fees: approximately 400 USD
3) Travel insurance
4) Personal expenses (meals, drinks, snacks, souvenirs, sightseeing etc.)


Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS Official Website:
Tokyo Tech-AYSEAS Administration Office: ayseas[at] (Change [at] to @)



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